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I guess I missed blogging and those facebook notes just weren’t cutting it for me.  Maybe I just like starting new things… yeah, I really do like starting new things… finishing them is quite the other story… One of my drawers at home is filled with unfinished journals… I would start each new journal when some kind of new conviction started, or a new school year rolled around, or I felt there was some kind of new season in life… Instead of just writing about those “new” times, I’d just get myself another journal…. SOOO weird.

I find this habit so often in my relationship with God… start “new” with some kind of fresh revelation from God, some kind of awesome mission trip and/or retreat experience, some great Friday night or Sunday morning service, even some beautiful quiet time experience in the comfort of my home and car.. and yet, when it comes to continuing what was done, to continue to build upon the blessing, to stay rooted and firm in that wonderful conviction, to press on and to keep running that race with God, it’s like I’m running to a certain distance, stopping, and running back to the starting block again to start over… It’s almost like I’m trying to re-start well or something, or I didn’t like that first race (that I never finished), so I have to start again.

The truth is, I’m running ONE race and my Father is right next to me.  I don’t need to start over, but I need to keep running.  Instead of heading back to the starting block all the time, I need to press on to continue to the finish line.

I want to finish the race with my Father.



*I totally wept when I saw this on a VISA commercial. LOL!*


Hello world!

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