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Hello folks.  Originally, I hadn’t planned on writing too much about the elections and politics.  Now that the presidential election is over, however, there have been all sorts of fallout and behavior that I really believe does NOT honor our God regardless of who you voted for.  Hopefully you can read this with an open heart and mind and will join me in prayer.

BOTTOMLINE: Regardless of who you voted for, as Christians and as good citizens, we are all urged to pray for our earthly leaders, to honor their authority (give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s), to live holy & godly lives (which I believe you can do regardless of who was elected President folks), and to continue to peacefully promote Christ and the values of our faith.  That being said, please think before you speak and act, and please pray for those whose disappointment over the elections may further division and hate in this country, as well as those whose excitement over the elections may lead to same. 

I have no desire to incite anger and frustrations, only to encourage more prayer.  If you want to talk to me about it, my contact info can be found on my facebook page. I’m tired of seeing Christians using Christ to justify ungodly and unholy behavior on both sides of the argument, election, etc. when all it seems to do is create really bad situations.


The email message below was sent to me by another staff member at Trinity Christian College, where I am currently interning. This is an extreme example, but nonetheless is important to pray for.

——————-EMAIL MESSAGE———————-



However you voted, whatever you do, I urge you to pray.  I just got off of the phone with Jeralyn Harris, mother of senior, Stephan Grandison; principal of Chicago West Side Christian School; and education department adjunct professor, who just sent this e-mail to me and others:




One of her staff members also came to speak with her because she had gotten a call from relatives in Mississippi that the KKK are acting up there.


I am attaching a sort of devotional piece I wrote on Sunday before the election, and connected it to my last chapel presentation.  Its message is even more significant now, after the election and after the above news.



Mary L. Webster Moore

Assistant Professor of Education

Director of P-16 School Initiatives

Trinity Christian College


#4: rummikub

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oh man i am totally in love with a new game.. it’s called RUMMIKUB. it’s like $10 at Wal-mart and it’s very intense when you play with church people.

thank you chong-fun and jaehee unnie for making me addicted and obsessed with this game.

let’s play!

#3: daddy’s lil’ girl

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So it’s been 8 years already since my dad passed away to be with Jesus.  I can’t believe it.  So many things have happened in the past 8 years.  It’s safe to say that when I was 17, before my dad died, I truly did not imagine myself where I am today.  I definitely had no plans to be in Illinois, a graduate student at U of C, working at a gast station, etc…. LOL! Um, up until then I was PRE-MED, planned to be on the East Coast, and hoped to be married by now. My, how things change!

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past few days.  There were a couple of points that were very clear to me:

1.  I was one of the very fortunate ones in terms of who my father was and what he left behind. 

Serving in youth minsitry over the past 8 years has taught me that no matter how short my time with him actually was, it was time very well spent.  My dad was a GREAT dad, a great husband, a great son, a great friend, and a great servant of God.  I learned so much from him.  I’ve encountered so much brokenness working with youth, especially when it comes to 2nd generation youth from Korean families.  Really, the reality of the Korean American generation is sad these days.  There are so many kids hurting, so many broken homes, so many broken relationships with fathers… Here I am, sad about losing my own, when most would do anything to have a real relationship with the one that is there everyday.  I can confidently say that whatever time I had with my dad was so good and he was such a positive influence in my life. I’m so thankful for that time.

#2.  Life is full of hard times, regardless of whether someone you loved died.

In the midst of grieving and facing really difficult situations over the past 8 years, I kept getting angry because I felt like a lot of the situations I was in was because my dad died.  I lost perspective a lot.  I still lose perspective more than I would like to. Truth is, regardless of whether or not my dad died, I still would have faced hard situations, trying times, etc.  Everyone does.  It’s a part of life.  No one has a stress-free, worry-free, tragedy-free life.  Life is filled with hard little things, and the joyful ones that make life all the more worth living.  I guess it’s easier to wallow in self-pity or even just be sad for the heck of being sad than it is to remember that EVERYONE hurts sometimes.  You gotta pick yourself up and get out there and enjoy the goodness of life.  I admit, I forget that a lot.

#3.  Expect More.

One thing I learned from my dad that is guiding me a lot is the idea to EXPECT MORE.  He applied this to every area of life.  He told me to expect more than the “Average” guy to marry (someday, Lord willing).  He told me to expect more of myself in schoolwork and the tasks that I need to do… and so excel to the best of my abilities and strength.  He told me to expect more when I meet with God because God always had more to teach, to give, to love… He told me to expect more from myself in my relationships with others, so that I could learn to love others the way they ought to be loved instead of the way I wanted them to love me.  Expect more. Dig deeper. Go Further.  Don’t settle for what is less, strive for what is greater and better.  Good advice dad.

There are many more, but I don’t want to write a book.  I’ve learned a lot and even though the past 8 years have had its share of really difficult moments, I am still really thankful for all of it.

someday… I’ll see him again.

#2: Anger Management

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So, one of my deepest struggles these days is rage… I got some serious anger management issues.  It’s not the good ol’ “bottled up till you explode” kind… it’s just kinda there in the background… I’m just really angry these days.  The littlest things make me upset and frustrated and really cranky.  It’s not like I’m like breaking things or anything, but it’s definitely not healthy.  I’ve even been catching myself cursing like a sailor (something I haven’t done regularly since junior high) even though I know my vocabulary is much more extensive that 4 letter words.  I’ve been so saturated in anger that I didn’t notice how angry I truly was, believe it or not!  Just RECENTLY, I’ve been catching myself (or people have around me and told me about it) and it’s just not very pleasant.  Angry people are not exactly the most attractive people on the planet… you definitely don’ t want to be around them (and here I thought I was just anti-social… never struck me that I just wasn’t very pleasant to be around! *^^*).  

However, this past weekend, I finally spent some time looking in the mirror and seeing what was going on.  I’ve been trying to put things in perspective… It’s funny but I think it all can be traced to FAITH… or in my case… a LACK of F A I T H.  I guess the bottom line of all of it is that I had lost a lot of faith and dependence on God to help me through the different situations in my life.  I’ve been so blinded by the frustrating things I didn’t really practice faith by trusting Him to see me through it.  So, I’ve been in anger mode for a very long time.  Anger was the result of not having peace in trusting God.  I’ve been trying too hard to do it all on my own and feeling helpless at times is so frustrating… all I felt was anger.  

Well, the self-reflection was good for the soul this weekend.  Must learn to have more faith and depend on God.  Sounds like a Sunday school lesson from the 1st grade, but man, gotta go back to that basic foundation.