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#11: 12 More Weeks…

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

12 more weeks… 12 more weeks of craziness and I am done with graduate school.  What an awesome thought.  Well, technically, it’s 12 weeks, plus 2 finals weeks, and 1 week of Spring break, so… 15… but either way, I will be done REALLY soon. 

As graduation approaches, I find myself a little bit stressed out about what to do for the summer.  Option A is to take the summer off, do a bunch of ministry stuff with PKo & Co., take a vacation, and relax… (sounds like a REALLY good option). Option B is to try to find a job right away after graduation. I’m debating on which to do.  SIGH. 

What do you think?


#10: 25 Random Things

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ok, so 25 random things, since I got tagged twice. cham.  So the rules are, if I tag you, you have to do it too. DO IT.

  1. I used to be in ballet. and tap. and gymnastics. and figure skating. and basketball. and volleyball. and soccer. and little league softball. and taekwondo… umm.. my mother wanted me to be well-rounded in sports.
  2. I secretly like the color pink.
  3. I hate spiders. I can’t kill them.  Other bugs, not as hard, but spiders, take me time.  Usually I have a warm up session of staring it down. This takes an average 20 minutes, depending on the size and yuckiness of the spider.  Then I use the handvac or my favorite weapon, crutches (so I don’t get near it).
  4. I used to play football with the boys at church in my dresses.  They got dirty.  My mom got the hint. I get to wear pants now.
  5. I REALLY like potatoes.
  6. I drink diet coke like water.
  7. However, I also drink a LOT of water.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day.  AT LEAST.
  8. I have to go to the bathroom a lot (see #7)
  9. Speaking of bathroom time, I have lots of stories.  Ask me in person and I’ll tell you.
  10. I’ll leave you one though (see #9).  I have had to stop my car in the middle of the highway because there was nothing available and I REALLY had to go. Useful tip: open your door and then open the passenger door for the back seat on the driver’s side as well.  You just created a stall.  Happy bathroom time.
  11. I once jumped out of a moving van.  It hurt.
  12. I once rolled down a hill, spraining my ankle, and landed on top of a fire ant hill.  They ate me.  Good eating for them, lots of pain for me.
  13.  I used to play cops and robbers with some friends and made my brother always be the robber so I could beat him up.  Yeah, I was mean. Police brutality!
  14. 99.9% of my tshirts are black.
  15. Yes, it is true, I really do like watching the UFC and the WEC.  Yes, I really do like cage fights.  Yes, I am extremely violent and I like to watch sweaty men beat the snot out of each other. I’m not sorry!
  16. I named my car Ezekial and blessed it.
  17. I love movies.  Come watch with me!
  18. One of my many nicknames was “Mother Hen”
  19. I really want a Digital SLR camera.
  20. I like to sleep.  When I am deprived of sleep I am not very nice to be around.  Also, it would not be to your benefit to wake me when I am very nicely asleep.  May result in kick to the face. 
  21. I like videogames but I am really bad at them.  I also get addicted quickly. Which is probably why I stay away for the most part (i.e. when I was introduced to Halo, I kept detonating the hand grenades and blowing myself up, but I still kept wanting to play)
  22. I was very angry throughout highschool and would never go back to my high school years again for any reason, unless it was to do it all over again the right way.
  23. I bruised my tailbone while trying to catch a football in the church gym.  I was also wearing rollerblades.  I jumped in the air and forgot that I had them on.  I landed very hard, bruised my tailbone, and cracked my left arm.  ALL of this was because I wanted to show off and impress the boy I had a crush on. Sad, but true.  Oh, and the boy thought I was the stupidest girl he’d ever met.  I was heartbroken.
  24. Speaking of wipeouts, I have wiped out on the church parking lot in front of the entire youth group and staff on a patch of ice.  It was very bad. Saw feet in air before landing on back and head.
  25. My dream job is to travel the world leading worship and helping youth group kids be all they can be.