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Thomas Yan, aka THE BULLY, would terrorize his “family” with this stinkin’ nerf dart gun.  It’s been several weeks now.  We were shot in the face, body, and other unmentionable body parts.  His poor roommate would have it the worst, as the Bully would hide in closets, sneak into his room, and give him heart attacks quite frequently.  Fed up, his victims, Hyunwoo Lee aka TIGHTPANTS, myself, the GREEN MACHINE GUN, and Mingyung You, aka the TRAITOR, devised a brilliant plan to exact our revenge on the BULLY.


The plan was for Tightpants to hang out in Tom’s bathroom while I was in Tightpants’ room.  We made up a story about how I was incredibly sad and in tears, and needed a shoulder to cry on… the traitor and I went to their apt.  Best part was that we rigged the video camera to capture what it could.  It doesn’t get much, but you can HEAR the success.


We were a little bit caught off guard when the Bully dug around his closet after being attacked to find a brand new gun he bought to terrorize us.  We had no previous knowledge to the existence of this new gun, which had much more fire power than we had thought.  Fortunately for us, two is truly better than one.


Sorry for the music, once I put it in, it was hard to take out.  Second, the video hardly captures much, but Tom, says… “It’s on baby!” Yes. that is correct.  Also, there is a point that the video doesn’t quite do justice to, where Tom tackles Hyunwoo to the ground (you can hear squealing).  Hyunwoo tried getting out, but I thought it was Tom, so I was holding the door shut with all of my being.  Poor Hyunwoo.  I think Tom gave him a concussion as he tackled him because his head the ground pretty hard.  Oh, other injuries: Tom scraped his elbows (rug burns) that produced blood, and i have the imprint of a doorknob in my back because I stupidly was pressing my butt against the door and when Tom tried to bust in, the doorknob somehoe got caught in my BELT of all things, and he kept pushing the door and it kept digging into my back.

Also, Mingyung is a traitor because she kept screaming that she was “Swiss Land!!!” trying to say SWITZERLAND – of neutral country during wars, however, she was SO not neutral. She kept giving Tom his ammo back and hiding mine and hyunwoo.  All because she felt bad it was originally three against one.  Traitor I tell ya.

Much thanks to Insup, who witnessed the entire affair and did not give it away. Hooray!

Success! Enjoy!!


I’m having loads of fun with my new cam.  Ok, so here is Eric Loksan Kim.  He could be a professional wall-sitter.  Wall-sits are my favorite punishment in the whole wide world.  When a student that I tutor gets a 0 on an assignment, one must wall-sit as a basic part of their punishment.  To get this good, Eric was punished SEVERAL times.  Yes, it does take a lot of zeros on your homework to be THIS good.


Side note:  Eric is one of my favorite tutoring students ever (and I’ve had plenty of students).  My favorite time with Loksan is on the drive to church on Fridays.  We talk about very random things, look at weird license plates, make Target runs for food so small groups can eat, and also, Eric sings worship songs with me in the car and he’s not scared to sing and worship God with me! It’s very cool indeed.  Hooray to Eric Loksan Kim, the wall-sit champion of the world!

#14: Birthday

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So, today, the 6th of April is my birthday.  But it all started last night.

Sunday, April 5th.
After morning practiceand before worship, I was planning to meet in the gym/sanctuary bc of time constraints, but the WT kept pushing to have it in the office so off we went.  I walk in and to my surprise, there awaits a wonderful balloon and flower bouquets and breakfast.  Awesome.  The Youth Worship Team guys got me some great tea and this cool tea mug from Teavana, possibly the only store I would go to OP mall for.  They also wrote the sweetest card notes.  Sigh.  Love these guys! Anyhow, we sat, ate, and even though it was short.  I felt so loved by them! Yay SSC YG WT!!

I also found out later that at Home Group, the kiddies remembered me by challenging each other, along with YG kids, to do the punishments I give out… namely wall sits.  Congratulations Loksan! I heard you were the wall-sit champion.  Goes to show how much homework you DIDN’T do kiddo.  But much love SSC YG!

Pko tells us at the staff meeting after worship that there may be a meeting tonight at his house regarding summer plans for the youth and for R180.  But he said he’d call.  SOOOOO after practice and a nice, tasty dinner from Popeyes fried chicken (mmm… so good), I passed out on Hyunwoo and Tom’s couch.  Many of you know that I have suffered from sleeping issues, so any sleep that I get these days is So refreshing and welcome.  Around 9:30 Pastor You and Hyunwoo come wake me up.  I’m like… “noooooooo” and they’re like Pko wants to meet NOW.  I was like, what da freak… seriously.  Tom comes into the family room all pissed too… bc he had been taking a nap as well… so we’re both not happy campers.. so i weigh the options in my head and i text Pko to see if i could miss this one.  And he says, “NO!” I was surprised.  Most of the time, PKO says yes to my requests to rest bc he knows what’s going on!  So, very frustrated and angrily i stomp down the apt stairs and get into my car, which is COVERED in snow. FREAK SNOWSTORM IN APRIL!  WHAT DA.  That made me even madder bc i hate driving in the snow.  So, I was already pretty ticked, and we get to PKo’s and most of the staff are already there.  I was like, “well at least it’s not just a couple of people suffering, it’s a whole bunch!”hahahah i’m evil.  I walk into pkos house and down the stairs and to my surprise the staff is there waiting for me, with balloons, cake, funny hats, and LOVE.  Sigh.  that was great.  I felt very loved and special.  Oh, and my bro gave me his nice dell laptop as a present.  It was soooo very nice of him! props lil bro.

Monday, April 6th
This morning I woke up very unhappily bc I knew I had to go get my license renewed.  I figured it would take awhile.  Bc I had some accidents on my record (none, btw, that were my fault but were on there bc my crashes were all reported with the police), I had to take the written exam. LOL.  So, I went to the DMV after falling right back asleep (I originally woke up at 7am and fell back asleep)…. which turned out to be 12pm.  I walked out of the DMV at 3pm.  The wait was RIDICULOUS.  Then, bc it was a waste of time to go back home since I had to tutor in Hinsdale at 4, I went to Hinsdale Oasis and did some work.  Then, I went to tutor and got done around 6pm. 

Tired, I headed back for home, met up with my mom who gave me some stuff to do, rushed, and then went to Hyunwoo and Tom’s.  When I got there, Tom decorated the banner into a heart that said, “Happy Birthday” and the smells of galbi and korean fried zuchini hit me in the face.  It was the best punch in the face ever!!!  On top of that, Inyoung sent me the most gorgeous long stem rose bouquet, and my awesome friends bought me my new coool gadget, the FLIP MINO HD CAMCORDER.  It was GREEEAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out world for some major video blogging to happen VERY soon. MUHAHAHA.

So, anyway, how does it feel?  Well, 26 is not bad.  The only sad thing is that it now leans more toward 30.  At 25, I dunno, I didn’t feel the nudge toward 30 as much. lol.  I’m sure it’s all mental and I’m just a dufus.  But STILL, I feel older, more single, and more busier than ever. Sigh.  However, I’m so so so thankful that even though it’s tough at times, I’m really surrounded by a great group of people who love me, encourage me, and pray for me.  They always root for me to do better, and BE better.  What a blessing!

Thanks everyone for the bday wishes, the messages of love, the gifts, and the prayers throughout the years!

Here is a little snippet of what will come very soon!!

#13: A Prayer Request

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I received an email from Voice Of the Martyrs regarding this fellow.  You can go to their site, for more and other information on persecuted Christians around the world.
DAY 50: Gao Zhisheng Held Hostage
Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, has now been missing 50 days, and there is increasing concern for his life. He was last seen being hauled away from his home by more than a dozen police officers on February 4. Reports from inside China indicate he is undergoing brutal torture.
The situation is critical, and with each day that passes, Gao Zhisheng’s life hangs in the balance.
Because of Gao’s work defending house church Christians and others persecuted in China, the Chinese government wants to silence his voice. ChinaAid president, Bob Fu calls Gao’s torture “the most severe persecution in China’s modern history.” Gao’s wife and two children, who have also been abused and tormented by the police, escaped to the U.S. less than two weeks ago. His family is afraid that authorities, furious at their escape, are taking revenge on Gao.
ChinaAid and The Voice of the Martyrs, together with Gao Zhisheng’s wife and children, call on all Christians and those who value human dignity and justice to speak out on Gao Zhisheng’s behalf by signing a petition to free Gao.
» Sign the petition at

As I read this I’m humbled and totally kicking myself.  Here in America, though Christianity is increasingly gettin’ a bad rep and/or the message gettin’ less Bible-focused and twisted around, there is still freedom to believe.  The government doesn’t go out of its way to come knock down your door in the middle of a family dinner to drag you to prison and torture you for believing in Christ.  Seriously. Geez. Please pray.