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I have about two weeks left before I graduate with my Masters.  It’s hard to take it all in.  I’m excited though.  Right now, I’m intensifying my job hunt.  Originally, I had planned to take the summer off, but I don’t think it’s an option any more.  So now, I’m gonna try to finish my finals early and focus on job hunts which is a pain. I honestly don’t want the reality of a job to hit me. I’m excited and I’m not.  Does that make sense?   At any rate, I’m still juggling a lot of things and just trying to finish well.  Sigh.  I know, it’s a pretty general statement.  I will try to elaborate more in my next entry.

These days, I’ve been working on a very short fuse and have been extremely irritable.  I think the stress of different life circumstances are cutting into my soul and it’s rough.  I’m reminded of the verses in John 15 and Galatians 5 about the fruit of what’s being planted, sowed, and grown… what is growing out of my soul ya kno?  And things needed to be cut off or rooted in the right things.  Sometimes, the times I actually catch myself being a jerk, (which is few ONLY bc how many people are SO conscious about their jerk-faceness that they’d want to reflect on it, ya kno?!), I’m totally appalled at MYSELF!  Ya kno the feeling?  Like have you ever been so frustrated with YOURSELF that you wanted to punch YOURSELF in the FACE?  It sucks because by the time you realize it, the damage is already done! ARGH.  So anyhow, yeah, that’s one thing ya’ll can pray for me about. 

Speaking of beating yourself up, the following video made me literally laugh out loud.  I watched it like 10 times.  I’m not fond of this guy’s standup, but what he says here just made me laugh because it’s so TRUE.  I mean, I wanted to like beat myself up again bc I’m SO like this.  What is it with our generation and the younger generations coming up after us that we can just find ANYTHING to complain about and not actually ENJOY the amazing things we’re surrounded by?  Must learn to appreciate and have joy. and maybe some patience too.  Much thanks to ESTHER KO, who put this up on her facebook. 

My favorite quotes from this video…

“We live in an amazing amazing world and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots that don’t care”

“Give it a second! It’s going to space!”

“Like how quickly the world owes him something he knew existed 10 seconds ago”

“You’re sitting in a chair… IN THE SKY!”


#17: Pachelbel Rant

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It gets good. Listen to the end.

My favs:
“He’s the orginal one hit wonder. He had one hit 300 years ago!”

“WHere are they now? Tha’s whatI wanna know!  Where are you Pachelbel!VH1’s I love of the 1790’s”