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#21: Outdoor Fun!

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today we had an Outdoor Joint Worship with the Children’s Ministry.  It was great.  We had some worship, a message shared by Leo, and some Mini Olympic Games.  Much thanks to Timothy and BJ for putting it all together.  Much thanks go out to the Team Captains as well: Team Turtle – Daegon “I just came back from Korea and want to do as many things with SSC people as possible in one hour” Wang; Team Bunny – Brian “Bboy wannabe” Kim; Team “Kang-aroo” – Calvin “Ironman” Kang; and lastly, Team Monkey – Jaehyun “Cable Cutter” Kim.  Excellent efforts by everyone!

Mini-O highlights/winners:
Chant winner – Team Turtle
Steal the Bacon – Team Turtle 
Human Bridge – Team Bunny
Hot Hands – Team Kangaroo
Tug of War – Team Bunny (YM) & Team Monkey (CM)
Ironman – Team Kangaroo (Calvin Kang)
Ironwoman – Team Bunny (Jane Lee)
*Some of the Ironmen&women were so exhausted, we had some puking going on and major falling over! lol.  but fun times nonetheless.
Bonus point ownage – Team Kangaroo (bonus points include cheering, team unity, sportsmanlike conduct, etc.)
*Please keep in mind that as long as the teams finished the event, they got SOME points.

Here’s a nice little video of the classic Mini-O event: The Human Bridge

1st Place – Team Kangaroo
2nd Place – Team Monkey
3rd Place – Team Bunny
Last Place – Team Turtle

The last place team had a nice SIZZLING punishment to do… excellent bacon.  Footage below:

We concluded with an hour long water fight that was NOT to be missed. Intense stuff going on!  Fun times, fun times.



On another note, the Guate team is coming back this upcoming Friday already! GEEZ mon!  I’m blown away at how fast time flies.  My prayer now is that the team finishes strong.  Finishing strong is SO important! Cham.  Also, VBS is coming up.  I am coming out of retirement to get involved with VBS this year again.  I’m excited!  The job hunt is about to begin in a serious way soon.  I will probably wait until VBS is over. 

Wow, what a day.  Good times, good times.  I’m thankful.


#20: Guatemala Team 2009

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, the Guate team is off and they’ve already been there for a week.  It’s weird being a sender again, but a great honor.  Please pray for these guys:

  1. Pastor Ethan Ko
  2. Hawon Jung
  3. Darong Roh
  4. Aarong Roh
  5. Stephanie Kim
  6. Kelli Kim
  7. Mark Kim
  8. Yoojung Chung
  9. Dan Chong
  10. Sharon Chun
  11. Joe Chung
  12. Luke Harvey
  13. Sharon Lee
  14. Eunbyul Joh
  15. Michelle Koh
  16. Yohan Kim
  17. Big John Kim
  18. Christina Lee
  19. Amy Kwak
  20. Sarah Kwon
  21. Richard Park
  22. Moriah Moon
  23. Melissa Rodriguez
  24. Angela Jin
  25. Eunyoung Park
  26. Eunbi Kim?

To the Guate Team:
Here is the video we made you for just in case you weren’t able to see it.


Ah, many things have happened since my last entry.  I feel like my posts are becoming monthly things… no good, must update more often.  First of all, I didn’t find a job yet because I’ve been busy with gas station and church stuff.  It’s been a busy few weeks.  I did graduate – HOORAY! I feel so happy about that one for sure. Instead of job hunting though, I’ve been working on gas station stuff, church events, and generally resting a bit.  I’ve been sleeping at weird times these days, but I’ve been sleeping – which is a vast improvement from before, when I was not getting sleeping at all.  I feel like I’m making up for years of getting weird sleep.  This in exception to last week, which was the Inner City Mission Trip at SSC, where I got calls in the middle of the night from the gas station, got very little sleep, and played guitar till my fingers could no longer hold anything.  Great times, great times.  This week is a bit jacked up too, but I have confidence all will correct itself by Monday.

I’ve decided to wait to find a job until after the summer retreat, which is next week.  I was initially alarmed about it, but now I’m just trusting that everything will go well.  The break has done me good!  I feel like I’m heading towards opening up a new chapter in my life, which I’m both a little bit excited and scared about.  One of the things I’m warring with these days is the possibility of moving out of state – the job market for me in Illinois is not exactly what I’m looking for at present, hence the peace with waiting for so long, but I also want to stay in the Chicago area for now.  I don’t feel like God is calling me to go anywhere yet, even if leaving does have its pros in addition to its cons.   The most important thing is that I always need to be faithful where I’m at, wherever that may be.   Then again, if I get NO job offers in Illinois, it makes my decision a lot easier. HA! (but that would be REALLY really sad, really)

Recently, I’ve been really convicted to read the Word and read some books! Yeah, I’m a nerd so I like to read.  Currently I’m reading from Isaiah & John.  I’m also reading “Prodigal God” by Timothy Keller (thanks Dan & Caroline!).  Excellent! 

On Monday, I will be leaving for Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky for our anual Radical 180 Summer Revival Breakout.  Please pray for us! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh! thanks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take video and update some more.  I have a ton of April videos, but I couldn’t edit them yet.  I’ll try.  I’ll leave you with a Happy Birthday to PKO video from May. Enjoy!