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#24: One Last Hurrah!

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Today I had an awesome time with the SSC YOUTH WORSHIP TEAM.  We had a great Sunday service together – the whole worship was great.  We spent the day together afterwards.  We went to Esther’s house to surprise her with a “congrats on moving to boonieville indiana” card fro the entire youth group… she was shocked and happy so that was great.  We helped her move (see facebook pictures) and then we went for a Popeye’s run before stopping at Joe’s.  Originally we had planned to go go-karting but the weather was not agreeing with us.  That’s ok, we had tons of indoor fun!  We ended up killing some spicy fried chicken and sides, had a spontaneous band practice, and then ended the night with some wii.  Wii was HILARIOUS.  We played Mario & Sonic Beijing Olympics (awesome game) and Wii sports.  As you can tell by the videos, we had a ridiculous time.  Afterwards we braved the TRUE boonies of INDY by taking the dangerous back roads to Luke’s house with my mom’s Honday Pilot (great car, 8 passenger… fun stuff today).  And then the long trek home for the Illinois people, finding out creepy things about Timothy (See below).  All in all, a GREAT day, and a final HURRAH for the WT kids before school starts and before I start working full-time.  Fun times indeed!

SO… the WT has this thing now called the WALL OF SHAME.  Basically, one wall of our wt office is gonna be dedicated to the silly things that we do… it’s so that we can laugh at ourselves and remind ourselves we need to be humble.. lol… today, there was a whole lot added to that wall.. so here is what is gonna go up on the wall next weekend… (WT if I forget anything comment on this note!)

**”The Cable Cutter” – During the Summer Retreat Hawon asked Jae to cut the plastic tie that held a brand new mic cable together off so the worship team could use the mic cable.  Instead of cutting the plastic off, he cut the cable in half.  He cut a brand new mic cable in half!  It is currently hanging on the Wall of Shame.
**”Six FRAGS” – FOB nuff said
**He did something else today that no one can remember anymore.  AISH.

SHARON (dangerously close to being the new Champion of the Wall)
**”Wii Baseball” – Sharon played Wii Baseball for the first time today.  She did not put on her wrist clasp.  As she was batting I saw this WHITE THING JUST SHOOT THRU THE AIR into the TV and plant.  She struck out.

**”I didn’t FELL” – apparently they don’t teach grammar in Indiana.

**”Key Change in Shout to the Lord?” – We practiced a great key change in “Shout to the Lord” from A to B for a worship at the Church for the Homeless.  The build up was great and all LUKE to do was nail a key change up.  He instead, played in some weird key for a full verse before realizing he was in a totally different key, all the while the singers were singing in B and Tim playing very hesitantly and looked VERY confused, as did the congregation.  sigh.
**1st Time Dish Washer – Today, August 18, 2009, was Luke’s first time at washing the dishes.  It was very very sad.  He said they just put everything in the dishwasher.  Translation: His parents do everything for him.  He was pathetic.  I was so very very sad.  He’s washing dishes at every WT function from here on out.

**Ice Cream – she’s hyper. nuff said
More to come!

This pic:

I don't know what to say about this pic

I don't know what to say about this pic

 **SNORER – Tim was talking about how he never snores, but he does. In fact, to prove him wrong we caught him on tape.

**WEIRD SLEEP THINGS – Tim kept dropping out of our conversation the entire way home.  He kept abruptly falling asleep.  It was scary.  Also, he talks in his sleep, he sings in his sleep, and he snores (see above).  WEIRD.

—————- my oh my… but iheartsscygwt!  you guys rock.  thanks for a lovely evening guys!—————-


So VBS concluded with a BANG!  It was great!
Let’s hear a big “hip hip hooray!” for the Giggling Gators, who won the coveted BEST IN SHOW (for room decor) trophy & medals (hardcore man) and also put on a great skit.  I totally loved my students! They were great!  Here are some videos of the rest of VBS:

This is how we greeted the kids everyday.  Crazy!

“Get Down”
This was the ever popular song throughout VBS.  We sang it at least once a day. 

VBS was a great time of just letting loose, serving, and hanging out with my great helpers, Alex, Eric, Brian, & Sharon.  I have to say they were pretty great, extremely obedient (thank God bc I woulda killed ’em – with godly love of course… of course! muhahhaha), hard working, and the kids really loved them.  I hope they had a good time.  I owe them dinner for all their hard work! WHOO!  I also had a great time just being involved with VBS again… It reminded me why God chose the young ones to do so much in the Bible… faith like a child… indeed!  Clean-up took forever… FOREVER… since we totally covered our room, but with help from several other yg members (thanks Esther, Tina, Jane, and whoever else I’m forgetting) and a bunch of CM kids who just wanted to DEMOLISH something (they just tore everything off the walls… crazy), we got done a lot quicker than I thought… we ended up leaving church close to midnight!

Sharon is sad that we tore everything down

Sharon is sad that we tore everything down

Room demolition under way

Room demolition under way

Giggling Gators win BEST IN SHOW for Room Decorations! YAY!

Giggling Gators win BEST IN SHOW for Room Decorations! YAY!

You can check out my facebook page for more VBS 2009 pics under “Albums”. 
Dan & Caroline’s wedding has come and gone!  Congrats to the two of you! WHOO!  HIP HIP HOORAY! It was fun to see an old friend tie the knot… I have to admit it was a little weird (in a good way) because we’re not kids anymore! Yikes.  We’re all grown up! Cham!  So it made me get thinking about actually really looking for a job now.  LOL!  I’ve been putting it off all summer so I can just enjoy my summer, but now the finances are starting to pressure me a bit… sigh.. so job hunting shall begin in a furious way next week. My only concern is that after doing some initial searches, there are not a lot of jobs in Chicago that really tempt me.  Sigh.  What to do, what to do.  Prayers needed folks! Thanks.  If Ican’t find anything in Chicago I really do have to move!  CRAZY.  Just WHERE would I go? Freaks me out a bit.  Seriously, prayers folks. PRAYERS.

#22: VBS Part 1

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After a long hiatus from getting involved in VBS, I returned to serve at SSC’s annual summer Vacation Bible School (VBS).  It’s been intense.  Due to budget restraints and whatnot, what used to be a 6 day (sleepover included) crazy week has been reduced to a 4 day (no sleepover) week.  Which, I’m finding out, is JUST AS CRAZY.  Decorations for both classrooms and the sanctuary are insane.  The kids screaming, spilling juice, running around… learning about God… all glorious!

The classes for this year are:
The Baby Gators | Pre-K & K
Teacher – Angela Koh
Helpers – Miguel Equina, Katleya Equina, Julie Lee, Michelle Koh

The Gator Babies | Pre-K & K
Teacher – Kelli Kim
Helpers – Ryan Kim, Jane Lee, Tim Kim (Steph helped a ton with decorations in this room as well, props)

The Hot Fireflies | 1st & 2nd graders
Teacher – Joanne Eunhye Kim
Helpers – Josh Chong, Heather Kim, Sojeong An

The Gator – Aids (Is He In You?!) | 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders
Teacher – Sharon Chun
Assistant Teacher – Daegon Wang
Helpers – Calvin Kang, Esther Kim, Sunhan Shin

The Giggling Gators | 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders
Teacher – ME
Assistant Teacher – Brian Kim
Helpers – Sharon Lee, Alex Shin, Eric Loksan Kim

Worship Team
Leader – Mark Kim
Members – Luke Harvey, Tim Kim, Kelli Kim, Sharon Lee, & Joe Chung

Puppet Ministry
Leader – Leo Hickman
Members – Silvia Yim, Elizabeth Jungyoung Na, Grace Yim, BJon Kim, Luke Harvey, Ashley Kim

Motions Ministry
Leader – Silvia Yim
Members – Esther Kim, Julie Lee, Jane Lee

Leaders of VBS = Pastor Mingyung You & Director Leo Hickman (great job guys!)
Teachers & Leaders = Stephanie Kim, Esther Yi, Ryan Kim


Well, I wanted to do VBS this year because I felt like God was reminding me just how important it was to 1) have joy in serving.. seriously my kids say the most hilarious and humbling things.. i love it! 2) love my church more deeper and fully… to do things with love instead of duty… 3) to give 110% always… regardless of whether my class gets picked as winners or not, whether there is recognition for this or that… it’s really all about just giving your best bc the KIDS benefit from giving your best.  I have a great crew of helpers and I’m glad I have each of them.  I hope that what I teach them as a leader is not just ridiculous team unity (you’ll see when I put up pics of how we dressed up each day) or slaving over our room decorations… but really, just having the heart and the willingness to go all out, even if it’s only for 4 days or for a bunch of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  I’m re-learning what it means to give it my all and have no regrets… and I’m loving it. and lastly, 4) learn from the kids… there’s definitely a reason why God chose to use children and young people to do so much for His Kingdom… I’m learning from my kid and I am really loving every moment!  Part 2 will come up…. right now it’s the half way point.  So far, soooooooooo goooood.

I’m gonna put up a ton of pictures and some videos later, but I’ll leave you with a few:

Family Portrait Day 1

Family Portrait Day 1

 VBS Welcome Table

VBS Welcome Table