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#28: Achey Breaky Heart?? no Back.

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

For the past week I’ve been trying to overcome a major back problem.  Lots of pain.  This is what my face looked like most of the week:



My friends that helped me through this process include: Mr. Bengay, Ms. Shock Thingy, Mr. Icy/Hot, Mr. Crutches, Mr. Capital One, Ms. ThermaCare Heat Wrap, and newly MR. ALEVE (not pictured).

My friends

My friends


 Mr. Capital One belongs to my brother, who upon seeing my pitiful state, gave me Mr. Capital One to order a pizza.  Sweet.  My other hero was Mingyung You, who went on several Walgreens trips to pick up my friends here. Thank you Jesus for Mingyung You.

Many thanks to all who texted me thru my boredom bc I was in bed all week and for special surprises like sushi (Thanks Heather’s Mom!), cupcakes (thanks Sarah!), cool emails, and singing voicemails. You guys rock.

Back update: It is healing, but slowly.  My new hero is Hannah Samonim, who is a rockin’ PT, and showed me what I was doing TOTALLY wrong (further putting me in pain, no wonder!) and what to do right (thank you Jesus for Hannah Samonim). So, I have high hopes that this will all correct itself very soon. Thanks for the prayers!

While I was down, I watched this several times for a chuckle.


The job hunt was on hold while I was out. It probably will be until it doesn’t hurt to walk or sit anymore.  Debating on whether to expand the hunt outside of Illinois or just to stick it thru for something I like here. Sigh. Any advice?


#27: Blessed…

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, I just realized that #25, which was a private post, screwed me up and I went from #24 to #26 on my public posts.  Sorry, that’s my explanation.  Anyhow, #27.

So, when I was in Junior High, I heard a sermon entitled “Blessed to Be a Blessing”.  A pastor gave the message at a Missions Send-off service and basically, as the title explains, we are all blessed to bless others, not to keep our blessings for ourselves.  I am hearing this phrase a lot these days… and it’s a good reminder.  I also read this book in high school called, “Out of the Salt Shaker and Into The World” by Rebecca Pippert. One sentence summary: Basically the book was about how we, as the salt of the earth, love to hang out with other salt and remain in the “saltshaker” instead of going out into the world. It’s about evangelism, sharing the truth and love of Christ to others… and that’s what the sermon was about too.  I guess I just needed another reminder of that this week. 

The Chicago job hunt is not going as hoped.  Sigh.  I might have to branch out to other states.  However, I’m still remaining prayerful and am gonna give it another couple of weeks.  I know it also has to do with the fact that I’m picky – I’ve had a couple of offers that I declined due to different circumstances.  So, yeah.  Sigh.  Please continue to pray for me.  I’m trying my hardest to stay in Chicago.

This is one song I could not stop listening to all week.  It’s great!

#26: Blazing Challenge

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

So after visiting with the House of Prayer Church (Church for the Homeless), I had to leave right away with some of the Indiana kiddies… Luke, Kevin, Joe, and Esther.  Fun times.   We stopped by BW3s on the way to Joe’s. Joe decided to take the Blazing Challenge… he did alright… got thru about 3.5 wings before conceding defeat against the hot hot sauce.

Luke and Kevin decided to get in on the challenge so attempted ONE each.  the first clip is them trying to act like nothing is wrong and everything is just fine and tasty.

The second video is Luke and Kevin diving for the water.  What is not caught on camera is both of them running to the bathroom.  I say an SSC BLAZING CHALLENGE IS IN ORDER.  WHO’S WITH ME?! MUAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yo Servant Committee, we should do this for fun at the end of some Fri night or Home Group or something.  LOL.

Started the job search, but I’m having a really hard time finding a job I like in Chicago.   Please pray for me… I don’t want to move just yet!  I was planning to be in Chicago for at least 2 more years! SIGH.  Pray please! Thanks!

Random: Tomorrow I’m going to buy spider spray. I’m going to spider proof my house.  Um, I’m ok with killing daddy long leg spiders… they are thin and I don’t ever touch them.  Bathroom cleaner with bleach always does the trick.  However, there is a scary black THICK spider living in my room some place and I haven’t been able to sleep there since I saw it (last week).  I’ve been crashing on the couch.. crashing for like 2 hours every night because that’s the only amount of sleep i’ve been getting every night almost all summer. RIDICULOUS. sigh need prayer.