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#30: Something more…

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I read this recently and was really blown away: [This was taken from the Desperation Band website]


“In 2008 God connected a group of passionate young people from a local church in Colorado Springs eager to fulfill God’s purpose in their generation, a silver haired, soft-hearted businessman with a vision for orphans, and an organization with a mission to rescue orphans around the world. Something called Heartwork was born.

The challenge God issued to these young people was to live James 1:27. If they could give $60,000 for orphans in Uganda, the businessman would match it dollar for dollar. The end result would be $120,000 dollars, 4 orphan homes built, and countless lives changed. Challenge accepted.

They prepared for their first offering. They talked of sacrifice and fasting. They gave up cups of trendy coffee and overstuffed burritos with friends to feed kids who had no food at all. They refused to buy designer jeans in order to clothe children who dressed everyday in rags. They committed to providing family for those whose families had been ravaged by war and AIDS.

The day arrived and students came with hearts full of hope and offerings in hand. On that first night as worship ascended into Heaven, a group of high school students descended upon the altar and gave over $15,000 dollars. With great excitement they realized what just happened. One orphan home built. 8 weeks to go.

For the next 2 months high school kids worked extra hours. Junior high girls walked door to door to scoop dog droppings out of yards. Seniors drained savings accounts created when they were elementary kids. Public school clubs partnered together with the local church. Students who graduated years earlier sent checks in the mail. Friends and families, inspired by the vision, joined in and gave freely.

After 8 weeks of sacrifice these junior high and high school students gathered to give one last offering for these kids they had never met but already loved so much. The result was $67,000 dollars given freely by a group of 12 to 18 year olds. With matching funds, they gave over $127,000 dollars in 2 months to build 4 orphan homes. But they found that as they gave to rescue the destinies of orphans, their destinies were being rescued as well. Destiny rescuing destiny. This is a story of sacrifice. This is a story of worship, This is a story of Jesus at work in a generation without fathers. This is Heartwork.

And the story has only just begun.”

Hey SSC YG… just want to challenge us and remind us that we are called to live a radical life for Jesus.  I’m blown away by how these guys came together for a great purpose and were shining the light together.  Let’s not waste our lives trying to decide whether or not to be set apart and live for Him – let’s be ones who already chose what is better and are putting our faith into action


The WT would like to present:

I love Tim’s yelling in the background, Jae’s facial expressions, Joe’s relatively (and quite abnormally) calm disposition, and Sharon avoiding the cam as much as possible while racing.  Gotta love it.


So these days, I’ve got a ton on my mind and since the summer, I haven’t been sleeping well. It’s messed up how my body has gotten used to it.  I’ve been trying to correct it without taking meds as much as possible, but to no avail.  So that’s a prayer request folks! Job update: a couple of interviews, a couple of offers… I’m struggling with some of the startying pay.. considering my graduate education was like $100k, I was hoping for something a little bit better than what I’ve been getting.. don’t get me wrong, I was very much aware of the low salaries that come with Social Work and/or counseling… they’ve just been lower than low? Does that make sense?  And people keep telling me that I should just be happy with any kind of job or offer… I dunno.. I don’t think I’ve been all that picky. Ask me about specifics and I’ll tell you. Till I find one I like, I’m a tutoring monster.  Yay.  It’s a good excuse to spend some time with church kids.  Gotta love that. Thanks for the prayers!


Dear SSC Youth group members,

Next Sunday, Octber 18th, we will be having a church-wide Bible Trivia competition.  Now, there’s been some “trash talk” about how the youth group is gonna get destroyed by everyone including the kindergartners and I would love to see us squash that with love.  So, the whole church is coming together for this event, which will focus on three categories:

Worship Songs

The worship song category will be interesting… must know lyrics and melody. Now ya’ll know there are a lot of parables, characters, and places in just Genesis and Matthew alone.   I highly suggest ya’ll to read up and maybe split the readings with some folks.  Let’s get some SSC YG pride going and take on our brothers and sisters from KM, EM, and CM!

Ya with me?