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#38: Stuff & R180M WR2009

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ok, so I was GONNA do a “thankful” post on my family, but then people kept saying my blogs were getting too long.  freakin heck.  so i didn’t do one. too bad. sorry family.  well you know iheartyou. 

OK updates….

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  Winter Retreat 2009!
R180 Ministries presents…
“On Our Knees”  Winter Retreat 2009
December 27-30, 2009
Wingate Hotel
Prospect Heights, IL

Register online at:

Questions?  Contact me at or

Here’s a lil promo vid too!  (Thanks Yoojung Chong!) WHOO!

With some folks at SSC, I’ll be running this thang under the authority of our fearless leader, Rev. Pastor Ethan K. Ko.  Please pray for:
++ my sanity and my physical health (Pray for his <PKO> too while you’re at it) – been experiencing some interesting physical issues…
++ worship leading // i’ll be part of the worship team for the entire retreat & i’ll be leading at least 2 sessions as well
++ a fire & passion for God’s love to pour out on His people (Leviticus 6:13)
++ compassion & brokenness for the hearts of the hurting, sick, spiritually apathetic, rebellious (esp this one bc i have such little patience with shekkis… lol…aghhhhhhh! God forgive me), and even those who are joyfully serving – to impart & share with one another our blessings
++ to find personal rest and peace in His arms & presence as He leads me through some interesting personal times & for the future
++ that i don’t have to paddle anyone during security times… HAHAHAHAHA

Here are some of the things that come to mind & heart while praying for this event:
// safety & traveling mercies from before, during, & after the retreat – we got folks coming from all over IL, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, etc.
// “on our knees” is our answer to the label that this generation is the most spiritually undisciplined generation when it comes to reading the Word, praying, and sharing the Good News… it’ll begin on our knees, as we draw near to the Father’s heart for inner transformation that will begin a “new thing” in our hearts in the way we read the Word, pray, and share the Gospel LIFE to everyone we meet… on our knees…     
// leadership & servants: Pastor Ethan Ko, Admin crew, Small Group counselors, Worship Team, and our speakers (we have an awesome lineup speakers from the local areas and from a few hours away… it’s gonna be great! Pastor Pete Les, Pastor Peter Kucher, Ms. Jackie from Restoration Ministries, Pastor Matt Lee from Chicago River Church & WLI, and a firestarter from OH/KY Steve Correll… just to name a few)
// attendees… from the 6th graders to moms/dads/grandpas/grandmas that’ll be joining us… can you say fire?  FIRE! let’s pray for all sorts of fire, but not one that only lights up at a retreat… no no… i’m talking PERMANENT spiritual damage… the “no turning back” kind… the radical transformation that leads to a life like those we find in the Bible… Moses, Daniel, Ezekial, Isaiah, David, Peter, Paul.. and of course, JESUS.   The calling up and the obedience of an army that busts out of that place to livethe Gospel, breathe the Gospel, and speak the Gospel.  It doesn’t matter if we’re 12 or 112… I believe God will come and love on his people… so pray for soft & open hearts & minds….  yay to Jesus. 

Thank you a million for your prayers!