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#43: Oh, it’s April!

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

My goodness. Time flies.  I have been doing a grave injustice to my poor blog.  Sorry wordpress blog, I’ll write in here more often.  Or try.  Badly probably.

Anyhow, so for the past month let’s see… Celebrated a wonderful Good Friday / Easter weekend with the YG and met some awesome folks from New Life Church in Palatine.  Looking forward to seeing how God will use us together in the future.  Celebrated by 27th birthday… I have some wonderful people in my life that made it fun, despite my repeated statements that I did not want to celebrate my birthday.  I feel old.  Chalk it up to quarter life crisis… Currently I’m still unemployed and unmarried/engaged/dating. Lol.  Strangely though, I am unfazed.  Thank God, otherwise I might be a poor miserable soul constantly plagued by depressive bouts… oh wait… that is me!  Just kidding.  NOT me.  I am currently enjoying my life very much these days! 

I’ve been asking God for a new heart… His heart for Chicago and His heart for revival.  It’s been GOOD.  Lots more time in meditation and reading His Word… lots more time praying… I’ve also been out to visit other chuches/organizations to receive, fellowship, and learn how others minister… it’s been great.  Checking out some local ones in the area and some a lil further. Last Saturday, I went to Chicago House of Prayer in Bolingbrook (which seriously reminded me of IHOP in Kansas City).  This Sunday I plan on visiting Vineyard of Oak Park, reuniting with some New Life folks.  All this for me, to grow, and also in preparation for this “new thing” that r180 is gonna be hosting… monthly revival services in Chicago.   Gosh… I dunno what to expect or what to think sometimes.. but all I know is that the time has come to put aside differences and even all of the different church names, denominations, and titles… and just come together as the Church to pray for revival and the lost in our own back yard.  I’m praying that it’s gonna be a time for unity and equipping and intercession… and this not to knock on local churches and how things are done… heck no… just further equipping, blessing, and coming together of folks… then going back and doing what God tells us to do in our local churches and strengthening that Body… gotta love that.

At any rate, I’m excited.  The first Revival service will be coming up in a couple of weeks.  Sunday, April 25th!  (Check out my “Ministry” section for more info).  God let your glory fall!

iheart this song!

Some thoughts just coming out of my heart…
Throw my hands in the air and back away
The test of character too much these days
But if I’ll be “all in”
Set me apart – be gone oh sin!
My ears are tickled from what the world says
About living His way, that it’s so much less…
Help me remember when I believed
His love was always available to receive
That my heart can always burn –
These days challenge me to return

So if I claim I belong to you
Let my life shine like it’s true
I’d rather not let excuses rise
To please man or sins justify
Let passion never die
Let my heart always cry
“Revival Lord, Set us free!”
Only You, do I truly seek