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#45: it’s really hot…

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello world.  It’s really hot here in the OP.  I don’t like it one bit… especially since I have no A/C in my car and my car is falling apart.  This really bites.  But other than that… life is splendid!

So summer is definitely here and I’m busy!  It looks like I’ll have plenty of ministry opportunities this summer, which I’m REALLY excited about.  In June, can ya’ll pray for me about these???

SSC | As I continue to serve the youth as worship leader and behind the scenes coordinator that I’ll be faithful to pray, to love, and to give… Please pray for Friday and Sunday services, as well as extended responsibilities I’ll have to preach and teach when PKO is away in Guate.

June 4th| Praise & Prayer:  Dunno what it is about this one, but God is just putting it on my heart to really pray hard and to expect more…

June 6th | Revival Chicago:  It’s at Canaan Community Church at 4:30pm so if you can make it please come.  Pray for God’s presence to pour over us and for inner transformation of all those who come.  Pray for revival in Chicago and shift from what we’re used to for a bigger purpose and vision.

June 8th | Revival SSC:  Our church is gonna come together to worship and to pray for revival at SSC.  It’s about time.

June 19 | Worship @ Lakeview:  I’m leading worship at Lakeview on this day.  Please please pray for me.  Thanks.

Thanks friends, for your prayers and support.  I need it!

So, what’s been on my heart these days?  Well, these days I’ve been thinking a lot about DISCIPLESHIP.  What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?  I don’t know, but something is stirring in my heart… I sense this… what’s the word… apathy? almost to what it means to be a disciple.  Almost like people are content on being “Christians”, satisfied with doing church, even those who are serving… and aren’t really PURSUING discipleship… aren’t really running after or have very little desire to be His disciple… to have a lifestyle to match with the busyness of doing church.  Ya kno what I mean?  I’ve been rebuked a lot lately.  That and in becoming a more passionate disciple of Christ, the need to really STUDY (gasp! I used the S-word!) the life of Christ and His Word.  It just seems like people are so into even serving at times that we’ve lost the bigger picture of a life that is set apart for Him, in love with Him, a life that looks more like Jesus and a lot less like us.

Yeah, I guess I’ve been really asking myself these days whether people see me and see Jesus in me working, whether the things I say and do match up with Jesus more or if they match up with more of the world or more of what I, Hedge Lee, want… and I’ve been rebuked a lot.  It’s been balanced with a healthy understanding of how God views me and loves for sure, but yeah, we’re all works of God, masterpieces in the making… constantly transforming… constantly needing to grow.  Anyhow, in the end, I just need to grow even more.  HAHA.  Sorry long explanations.

One thing I’m missing more and more these days is Guatemala.

Old Guate pics bring back a lot of great memories.  These are from Guate 2003.


Seriously, it’s sad that my blog has become a monthly thing.  This week I shall blog TWICE.  TWICE in a week.  Here it comes!

Ok, so Revival Chicago was great (check out my last blog) and the next one is….
Same time (4:30pm), different location.  I do believe it’ll be at Canaan Presbyterian Church.  Awesome.  I can’t wait to see what will happen in Chicago as the Church comes together to cry out for this city.  Aw jyeah!

Summer Revival Breakout is coming!
Mark thy calendars!  July 5-9, 2010 @ Asbury College/Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.
$180 – check out for more info.  Registration will be up soon!

Ok, nuff with the ads, life in Hedgieville is good.  I’m looking forward to a summer filled with awesome events, but man my prayer is that I’ll live a life that is so plainly with and for Jesus that there will be no doubt.  It’s hard though… I recently discovered that despite all my involvement in this or that, I can still be a flake… This was made more apparent the past week… An old HS friend found me on FB, and I found myself checking my FB profile to see if it was “Over Jesus-ed”… didn’t want to scare this person… or maybe I just didn’t want to be labeled a Jesus Freak in that moment… I dunno…lol… of course then I wanted to punch myself in the face and I felt incredibly STUPID.  Idiocy totally claimed that moment.  lol.  But alas… the episode revealed my oh-so-weak heart.  Gosh.

Rebuked by this verse as I reflected on my flakiness:
I am not ashamed by the Gospel for it is the power of God for everyone who believes
Romans 1:16

Lord, help me not be a flake.  Help me be bold.  Oh, and I really don’t mind being  a Jesus Freak.  Sorry Jesus.


Last weekend, I spent it with the SSC WT.  It was a WT training weekend.  A couple of days away from SSC to chill, to pray, to fellowship, to eat, to expand our views, and see new things…

On Friday, we went to Hyunwoo’s for dinner.  Chef Hyunwoo BBQed us delicious burgers.  Then we headed out to Chicago House of Prayer in Bolingbrook, IL (  They have a regular Friday gathering.  They are affiliated with International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO (  It reminded me a lot of IHOP actually… just a smaller scale.  It was great to worship in a new way and to pray with others who were seeking His presence.  It was a GREAT and blessing time.  Then, we went to a hotel in Naperville.  After we checked in, the hotel was kind enough to let us monopolize their breakfast room and watch a movie, while eating our awesome pizzas from Papa Johns.  We watched a movie called “Forever Strong”.  It’s about rugby.  It’s more about character.  So we talked about that for a lil bit after the movie… the importance of character and the kind of people we are, not just as WT members, but as PEOPLE… ya kno?!  So that was great (KIA KAHA WT!), prayed,  and then sleep time (well, I slept, the rest of them did weird things.. liek the boys violated each other, looked up music, did their facebooks, while Kelli & Sharon watched korean music videos… and Sharon, who was cracking up like crazy almost got us kicked out of the hotel… SO loud puhahahahaha).  

In the morning….WT kids ran around the hotel and swam in the pool, splashing water all over Luke’s phone, frying it, before we checked out and headed to…JOY YEES!  Yay.  So Saturday, we went to Joy Yees, and had yummy food and delicious bubble tea.  Then, like the very chakkae and wonderful students we are, we went to Naperville Public Library.  Yes, you read correctly… on WT we also study.  The kiddies studied for their AP tests or did their hw while I read the Santa Biblia and we actually went for a good 2.5 hours, which was excellent.  After our brains turned to jello, we headed to Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows.  The hope for the weekend was to get exposure to places we had never been before and that led worship in different styles.  Last year we went to Willow Creek and throughout the school year we visited “Da Bridge” for Hip Hop worship so it’s been really good to check out how the Body of Christ worships… good learning experiences… worship and the message were amazing!  Then we drove home.  What a tiring weekend!  Jae and Luke took advantage of Tim’s sleeping to write all over his leg and Tim countered with massive violations to Jae, which you will see in the video below.  I noticed Luke escaped from the terror. LOL.

Please, oh please, pray for our WT boys.  Thank you.

This next month is also very busy.  Please pray for me to do all things with joy and pray for the WT kiddies if you can.  Thanks!

Till next time!