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#45: it’s really hot…

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Hello world.  It’s really hot here in the OP.  I don’t like it one bit… especially since I have no A/C in my car and my car is falling apart.  This really bites.  But other than that… life is splendid!

So summer is definitely here and I’m busy!  It looks like I’ll have plenty of ministry opportunities this summer, which I’m REALLY excited about.  In June, can ya’ll pray for me about these???

SSC | As I continue to serve the youth as worship leader and behind the scenes coordinator that I’ll be faithful to pray, to love, and to give… Please pray for Friday and Sunday services, as well as extended responsibilities I’ll have to preach and teach when PKO is away in Guate.

June 4th| Praise & Prayer:  Dunno what it is about this one, but God is just putting it on my heart to really pray hard and to expect more…

June 6th | Revival Chicago:  It’s at Canaan Community Church at 4:30pm so if you can make it please come.  Pray for God’s presence to pour over us and for inner transformation of all those who come.  Pray for revival in Chicago and shift from what we’re used to for a bigger purpose and vision.

June 8th | Revival SSC:  Our church is gonna come together to worship and to pray for revival at SSC.  It’s about time.

June 19 | Worship @ Lakeview:  I’m leading worship at Lakeview on this day.  Please please pray for me.  Thanks.

Thanks friends, for your prayers and support.  I need it!

So, what’s been on my heart these days?  Well, these days I’ve been thinking a lot about DISCIPLESHIP.  What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?  I don’t know, but something is stirring in my heart… I sense this… what’s the word… apathy? almost to what it means to be a disciple.  Almost like people are content on being “Christians”, satisfied with doing church, even those who are serving… and aren’t really PURSUING discipleship… aren’t really running after or have very little desire to be His disciple… to have a lifestyle to match with the busyness of doing church.  Ya kno what I mean?  I’ve been rebuked a lot lately.  That and in becoming a more passionate disciple of Christ, the need to really STUDY (gasp! I used the S-word!) the life of Christ and His Word.  It just seems like people are so into even serving at times that we’ve lost the bigger picture of a life that is set apart for Him, in love with Him, a life that looks more like Jesus and a lot less like us.

Yeah, I guess I’ve been really asking myself these days whether people see me and see Jesus in me working, whether the things I say and do match up with Jesus more or if they match up with more of the world or more of what I, Hedge Lee, want… and I’ve been rebuked a lot.  It’s been balanced with a healthy understanding of how God views me and loves for sure, but yeah, we’re all works of God, masterpieces in the making… constantly transforming… constantly needing to grow.  Anyhow, in the end, I just need to grow even more.  HAHA.  Sorry long explanations.

One thing I’m missing more and more these days is Guatemala.

Old Guate pics bring back a lot of great memories.  These are from Guate 2003.