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Ok yeah so 2 posts in a week! Crazy. It’s a record, but I have to share!

Today, I went to church and watched the IHOP Awakening service ( and was gonna have a prayer meeting with whoever showed up.  Silvia came and while we were watching, there were two folks who had their hearing restored and so Wes Hall calls out about people needing hearing restored…. so I raise my hand lol…


Last week at IHOP I was in the prayer room on Tuesday and I was just dwelling and enjoying the heavy presence of God.  It was so so good.  And all of the sudden, I heard angels singing.  At first I thought I was losing my mind… or perhaps hearing other people but I cannot describe what it was like… like inhuman singing harmonies and melodies all at the same time… awesome awesome awesome… ok… so I went and find Pastor Johnny Choi (hi oppa!)  and asked him like a total idiot “did you hear them?! did you hear them?!” lol… and he prayed for me that my ears would be open to the heavenly realms… as he was praying, I really felt in my heart that God wanted to heal the hearing in my left ear.  So I have been praying for it ever since….

I’ve had partial hearing loss in my left ear since high school due to a series of unfortunate events (too long of a story) and I would have pain and ringing and stuff… and I always thought the hearing loss was like a consequence to the life of sin I was in at the time… like a reminder that I once was a really big idiot and now am less of an idiot.  But I just felt compelled deep in my heart to pray off lies and stuff tonight….


I raised my hand, started to pray, felt like fiery heat and then soothing cool in my ear as I placed my hand on it and started to pray… I took my hand off and I actually felt and heard a noticeable difference… it was AWESOME…

But better yet… I just kept praying for complete healing so I kept praying in the car ride home… and God just restored it!  I believe I have the complete healing in my left ear! FORREAL!!!! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

i am happy.  God is good.

the end.


Ok, so the past couple of weeks have been amazing.  But first, thank you all for the prayers for all the June events… every event was a really blessing time.  Although it felt like a marathon of things, God strengthened us. And He  just loved on His people.  It was AWESOME!

It’s now July and the retreat has come and gone.  I can’t believe it.  The week was glorious.  Nothing like a crazy group of teenagers on fire for Jesus to inspire you about the history  makers God is rising up! mmm… good stuff! good stuff!

So at the retreat I met some uber talented, Jesus loving, Spirit-filled, and simply, very cool, people… shout out to the Blessed Intl team!  They let me follow them around, stalk them a lil, ask them personal questions,be all up in their business, sleep on their floor, narrate their Mafia games, and they shared a lot of love with me.  I was seriously blessed.  You see, after the retreat, I hung out in Kentucky (Thanks Paul & Hannah for letting me crash at your place!) while the Blessed team ministered to the Lexington folks… and then…. I actually came back to Chicago for one night and took off to IHOP-KC ( to hang out with them (and some very great friends from KY – The Muns, Jin, and Johnny oppa!) some more.  LOL!

Ok, but really, what I wanted to share was that over the past couple of weeks, God just blasted me with His love.  And I really felt like I was Daddy’s lil girl… Heavenly Daddy’s lil girl… ya know what I mean?  Let me just be frank… it’s been like over 10 years since my earthly dad died… and there are days ya kno… ya just wish you could be somebody’s lil girl… ya kno… where you want somebody to hold your hand and tell you that everything is fine… or just take care of things… in the midst of taking care of things and running around and being busy I had forgotten I’m really His daughter.. his precious princess ya kno?  I mean, I’m like God’s lil girl!   Anyhow, God just seriously bombarded me with love and surrounded me with a bunch of people who kept speaking His love and truth over me the past two weeks… it’s been nuts.  Seriously.  Nuts.  NUTS!

Anyhow. splendid!  You wanna kno more?  Just call me and ask cham!

I stole this pic from Monica, who also rocks my socks.  Whoo!  Miss you all! Geez mon!

#46: Guatemala 2010

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello folks.

The Guate team has left and will return at the end of this month (30th).  Please pray for these people!

Rev. Ethan Ko
Dan (Darong) Roh
Stephanie Kim
Rebekah Lee
Hawon Jung
Mark Kim
Holly Webster
Dennis Kim
Angela Noppenberger
Luke Harvey
Il Woong Big John Kim
Jonathan BJ Kim
Timothy Kim
Sharon Lee
David Chiao
Youngjin Samuel Kim
Joshua Chong
Alex Shin
Christine Chun
Amy Kwak

Prayer Requests:

  • Faithful & Obedient hearts to hear and do what God says
  • Health & safety
  • Soft hearts of those who will hear the message
  • Wisdom, discernment, and physical strength for the leadership
  • Cooperation between government and officials for building of school
  • Abundance of spiritual fruit for Guatemalans and team members

Thank you all for praying!