#48: 2 posts in a week! But I gotta share…

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok yeah so 2 posts in a week! Crazy. It’s a record, but I have to share!

Today, I went to church and watched the IHOP Awakening service (www.ihop.org) and was gonna have a prayer meeting with whoever showed up.  Silvia came and while we were watching, there were two folks who had their hearing restored and so Wes Hall calls out about people needing hearing restored…. so I raise my hand lol…


Last week at IHOP I was in the prayer room on Tuesday and I was just dwelling and enjoying the heavy presence of God.  It was so so good.  And all of the sudden, I heard angels singing.  At first I thought I was losing my mind… or perhaps hearing other people but I cannot describe what it was like… like inhuman singing harmonies and melodies all at the same time… awesome awesome awesome… ok… so I went and find Pastor Johnny Choi (hi oppa!)  and asked him like a total idiot “did you hear them?! did you hear them?!” lol… and he prayed for me that my ears would be open to the heavenly realms… as he was praying, I really felt in my heart that God wanted to heal the hearing in my left ear.  So I have been praying for it ever since….

I’ve had partial hearing loss in my left ear since high school due to a series of unfortunate events (too long of a story) and I would have pain and ringing and stuff… and I always thought the hearing loss was like a consequence to the life of sin I was in at the time… like a reminder that I once was a really big idiot and now am less of an idiot.  But I just felt compelled deep in my heart to pray off lies and stuff tonight….


I raised my hand, started to pray, felt like fiery heat and then soothing cool in my ear as I placed my hand on it and started to pray… I took my hand off and I actually felt and heard a noticeable difference… it was AWESOME…

But better yet… I just kept praying for complete healing so I kept praying in the car ride home… and God just restored it!  I believe I have the complete healing in my left ear! FORREAL!!!! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

i am happy.  God is good.

the end.


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