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#49: Picking things up again…

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

My my… it’s been months since my last post.  I’d like to announce that I’m in the midst of adding things to it, so please be patient with me.  Here’s a quick post though:

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the cutest thing.  These three kids were on their way home from school.  There were two girls, presumably sisters as they had matching bikes, and one boy.  The boy looked to be the oldest and the biggest.  Anyhow, the girls probably rode their bikes to school that morning, and they were riding them on the way home from school in the afternoon.  Between the two girls, the older brother was carrying all of their bags… He had one pink bag on his left should, one blue bag on his back, and another pink bag dangling from his right should/arm.  Anyhow, the boy looked so happy and was chatting with his sisters as he was walking home.  Something just struck within me – the boy carrying his sister’s bags so joyfully and even though it looked heavy, so his sisters could ride freely, he carried them.

I dunno, but the whole scene just blessed my heart and challenged me so much to be like this little boy, to be a person who joyfully carries the burdens for others so that others can “ride freely” or so they don’t have to carry it alone.

I was rebuked by an 8 year old.  Those are the best!


Quickie update:
So since the last time I wrote a lot has happened, but the biggest thing is that I moved out my house of 12+ years and into my very own apartment!  Yes, I had some mixed feelings, but after being here for about a month now, I can say, I love living in my apt!  I live with Pastor Mingyung You and though we barely see each other due to completely different schedules, it’s great living with her!  We’re still in the process of making our place nice, but yeah, it feels comfy to me.  All house warming gifts are welcome! Ha!

Be blessed folks!  And more is on the way for my website so come visit again soon!