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#50: First one of 2011!

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

ah yes. the first post of 2011!  As promised, there is more to come on my blog – I’m spending the next week or so adding stuff to it, but hey, how do you like the new look?

Anyhow, I feel GOOD.  I dunno what it is, but I like 2011 already! Ha! So this will have to be a quick entry bc I have to run around and tutor, but I leave you with one amazingly touching story…

PKO, Hawon, and Aarong are leaving for a Mission Trip from January 12-February 3.  They are going to Asia: Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  Anyhow, financially, this trip is really expensive and for Hawon and Aarong, as students, it’s been about taking leaps of faith where $ is concerned.  Well, Aarong’s class, the 6th graders at SSC, completely and throughly humbled and overwhelmed me.  They put together their allowances, saebae money, poked their parents… etc… to give to Aaron.

Well, I wept.  And so did Aaron when they presented it to him yesterday.

In times where it’s easier to be selfish and justify keeping money to ourselves, these kids just gave it away.  And God reminded me that this was why Jesus said we needed faith like children.  Sigh.  So blessed!

Here is the Scavenger Hunt Video from the Winter Retreat.  Fun times!  More about THAT event later.