#51: February!

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I can’t believe it.  It’s already February.  Gosh the time flies!

So, let’s see what’s new…
I’m going to California at the end of this month!  I’m SUPER excited.  I cannot wait!  My plan is a bit intense.  I’m going to Bethel (www.ibethel.org) for the “Piercing the Darkness” Conference, and then I’m heading down to LA to go visit a couple more churches in the LA area.  I’m planning on hitting up Saddleback, Blessed Intl, Harvest Rock, Mosaic, and possible another church.  We shall see.  Church tour!

I’m totally looking forward to my little spiritual retreat – SO excited.  More clarity and a time of rest – I hope to come home physically rested, spiritually rejuvenated, and just generally more saturated in Him.  WHOO!

Here is a song on my heart:

I don’t want to vent too much, but lately, I’ve been really struggling with everything that encompasses American youth culture.  Sometimes, I feel like it’d actually be easier to be in a different country and teach English or get involved in mission work overseas… but then it hit me: America may easily be the toughest mission field on the planet.  And God put me here for a reason – yes, I could leave anytime, just like I could have left anytime for jobs outside of Chicago… but God keeps tugging me here…. It’s like this message of love to my heart… that there are people dying in the richest country in the world in terms of SOULS.

Praying for the courage to stand, the passion to preach, and most importantly, the love of Jesus that covers EVERYTHING…


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