#53: A New Beginning

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

It has been almost a year since I’ve last blogged.  So much has happened that I don’t know where to start.  The biggest thing in my life right now is that I moved to California from Chicago, where I grew up all of my life, and have now been here for almost 3 months.  I can’t believe it’s been 3 months.

The first month I was here I did a lot of the “usual” things, like visit places, go out to eat, meet up with old faces, get to know new faces, etc…  The second month, I was trying to get more situated and build a regular schedule, and now into the third month, I’m starting to get a hang of things and will go back out to explore again soon!

Why did I come to California?

Well, honestly, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting either.  I had been praying for 3 years for a season to spend away from Chicago, and honestly, I was praying for Boston.  I wanted to go to Harvard, get my Ph.D, & be on the East Coast.  And it was still a drive, but at least I could drive back home when I did get homesick.  Now I have to fly bc my little Fit ain’t going over the mountains again.  Nuh uh.

Anywho, I had been praying for the right time, but every year I approached Pastor Ko to ask to leave (poor guy), and every year he said no.  To give myself some credit, I did obey. lol.  But what was the most important was that he told me that he really believed that I was to be at SSC until revival part 2 broke out in our youth.  So, I took that in and prayed.  Meanwhile, I was just waiting for the right timing.  In February, I went to a conference at Bethel, which was awesome, and went down to SoCal to visit Blessed folks.  I had an awesome time at their conference too, but I didn’t feel the tug to move… not until I stepped into the House of Presence to say bye to friends… I stepped in and I was only there for 5 mins, but God spoke to my heart about coming back, and not the visiting kind, but for an extended period of time.  I just kept praying about it, thinking to myself, “why would I ever move to California?”  Fast forward a few months to July and my mom sold our childhood home and our family business, the youth were revived in Kentucky, and I found myself in an odd position… I felt a weird sense of confirmation and freedom that THIS was the time to leave Chicago, my family, and SSC.  I still wasn’t convinced though… I’m one of those people that operates in the realms of certainty… lol.

I went to Vegas with my mom and then to visit friends again at Blessed and the SoCal area…. There, God gave me all the confirmation I needed.  I contacted my mom and PKO and asked for their blessing, and wow, BOTH gave it to me! *^^* I returned home and filled in my close brothers and sisters, all of whom were either sad/worried, but like the loving people they are, supportive.  I felt a strength and a backing, like having a group of people who believed in you and wanted the very best for you.  I feel consistently blessed on a daily basis.

I’ve never done anything this “crazy” in my life.  I packed up my stuff within two and a half months and moved out here in faith.  God has been doing some wonderful things and I really will share this time… lol… really.  Or will try to, somewhat diligently.

I’m just so thankful for this season. Sigh. Pray for me! *^^*


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